Campus Sustainability Initiatives

At Fox Valley Technical College, we practice good environmental stewardship by reducing our consumption of water, energy and other natural resources. FVTC is currently participating in a number of campus sustainability initiatives based on saving money and saving the environment. Our students are also involved in our projects as well. The more we can do to encourage student participation pays dividends in our community for years to come.

Energy Efficiency & Usage Reduction
  • Purchasing a new energy and water efficient dish machine for Food Services and Culinary Arts to replace a 20-year-old machine.

  • Installation of renewable energy sources (solar thermal and photovoltaic) at the Waupaca Regional Center.

  • In remodeling, air handling systems and HVAC systems are upgraded to more efficient models

  • With computerized HVAC controls, FVTC is able to control and manage the HVAC systems to be much more efficient.

  • During the summer, a reduced lighting schedule is used based on-campus activity.

  • High-output, low-energy lighting installed in remodeled areas.

  • Occupancy sensors installed in offices, classrooms and conference rooms; currently exploring using occupancy sensors in hallways.

  • Testing LED lighting by changing out the external security lighting at the Spanbauer campus in Oshkosh.

Sustainable Building

The Waupaca Regional Center was constructed in 2007 to incorporate LEED silver standard aspects. The building’s energy system employs a combination of solar thermal panels, photovoltaics, radiant floor heating,and sun shades. Energy performance at the center is continuously monitored. 

Energy Performance Monitor

  • Fox Valley Technical College Appleton and Oshkosh campuses are on a major bus line.

  • Bike racks are located on our campuses to encourage biking to campus.

  • Parking lots are used, when available, to support carpooling or busing to other events held in our districts.

  • Fox Valley Technical College has an electric car that is available for staff use and is shared with other businesses looking to learn from the technology.

  • The computer replacement cycle is four years. Old computers, if not able to be donated to another public entity, are recycled by 5R Processors, a firm that provides full-service materials processing and recycling to companies and government agencies throughout North America.

  • FVTC has had a long-standing practice of repairing and/or reusing furniture throughout our facilities. For items no longer of use for the college but still of value, we often donate to schools and if not, we sell the items through an online auction process.

  • FVTC has had an active recycling program for 15 years and recycles plastics 1 and 2, paper, aluminum, tin, steel, and glass. All offices, classrooms, conference rooms and the commons have recycling bins.

Printing Services Recycling:

  • Disposable rags used for lithographic press clean up which are stored in drums and shredded to make fuel.

  • Environmentally preferable or recycled papers used when applicable.

  • Recycle used delivery boxes, paper, chipboard and packing materials whenever possible.

  • Recycle as much paper stock as possible.  

Waste Reduction

Printing Services:

  • Request electronic files instead of hard copies.

  • Default work orders to two-sided if no choice indicated.

  • Move towards more on-demand printing which can help to reduce waste by as much as 30%.

  • Reuse paper waste whenever possible.

Food Service & Culinary Arts:

  • Reusable plastic tumblers used for cold drinks in commons.

  • Encourage use of reusable cups, mugs, etc. by discounting beverages in commons and vending areas.

  • Use of biodegradable cold beverage cups and compact Styrofoam hot cups made of corn resin which degrades to corn starch in 50 days

  • Utilize composting with the Horticulture program to reduce waste going to a landfill

  • Waste cooking oils are used in Agriculture programs

  • Effort to use reusable service ware in hospitality, commons and special events