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Public Safety Training Portfolio

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The Public Safety Training Center (PSTC) at Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC) is drawing national attention. This exemplary facility is a national model for integrative training in law enforcement, firefighting, emergency medical services, and more. For many years, FVTC has served both degree-seeking students and existing public safety professionals for advanced training and continuous education. Preview our portfolio of offerings and discover why you should turn to our experts for all your public safety training needs.

PSTC Facility Rental:

Indoor Classrooms & Training Areas

(2) Defense and Arrest Tactics Rooms
(2) Indoor Firing Ranges
EMS Lab & Ambulance Bay
Fire Training Area & Apparatus Bay
Fitness Center
Forensics Lab
Jail Training Area
Telecommunications Training Area

For more information, contact: Dana Schmidt at 920-560-1418 or

Emergency Vehicle Driving Range

Off-road Driving Area
Pursuit Track
Skid Pad
Skills Pad

For more information, contact: Dana Schmidt at 920-560-1418 or

Outdoor Firing Range

(2) 50-yard Tactical Ranges
100-yard Firing Range
300-yard Sniper Range

For more information, contact: Dana Schmidt at 920-560-1418 or

Fire Training

5-Story Class A Burn Building
Air Rescue & Fire Fighting Training
Burn Pods
Drafting Pond
Gas Meter Prop
HazMat, Vehicle Extrication & Car Fire Props
High-Angle/Technical Rescue
Ladder Training Tower
Trench & Confined Space Rescue
Sprinkler Lab
Water & Ice Rescue

For more information, contact: Dana Schmidt at 920-560-1418 or

Scenario Village (River City)

Commercial & Residential Structures
Forced Entry/Tactical House
Permanent Mock Crime Scenes
Streets & Intersections

For more information, contact: Dana Schmidt at 920-560-1418 or

Law Enforcement Training Offerings (Look Inside):

Basic Recruit Academies

Law Enforcement Recruit Academy 

Jail Recruit Academy - please see information posted on the Wilenet site or contact us for more information.

Law Enforcement Instructor

Prepare law enforcement officers and public safety officials to instruct topics in Law Enforcement Standards Board approved disciplines for both patrol and jail related training. 

Current Law Enforcement Instructor Offerings 
We also specialize in the following Law Enforcement Instructor topics:

Defense and Arrest Tactics
Emergency Vehicle Operator Course
Firearms Instructor
FTO Instruction and Certification
Instructor Development
Less Lethal Instructor Certification
POSC Instructor
Professional Communications
Pursuit Intervention Techniques (PIT) Instructor
Tactical Response
Taser Instructor
Vehicle Contacts

Conferences & Seminars

Attend national and regional conferences and seminars covering criminal justice related training and topics.

Current Conferences & Seminars 
We also host the following Conference & Seminars:

Court Safety and Security Conference (WI)
Crimes Against Children in Indian Country Conference
Human Trafficking Conference (CA)
Law Enforcement Administrative Professionals (OH)
Law Enforcement Administrative Professionals (WI)
Missing & Unidentified Persons Conference (GA)
Multi-Jurisdictional Conference (WI)
School Resource Officer Conference (WI)
Serving Victims of Crime Conference (WI)


Participate in Law Enforcement Standards Board compliant officer certification training, including firearms qualification and EVOC.

Current In-Service Offerings 
We also specialize in the following In-Service instruction:

Law Enforcement State Firearms Qualification Course
Pursuit In-service
Security In-Service (Wisconsin Veterans Home)

Patrol & Crash

Acquire critical skills to execute patrol procedures, gather information during traffic crash investigations and other patrol related training.

Current Patrol & Crash Offerings
We also specialize in the following Patrol & Crash instruction: 

Advanced Crash Investigation
Basic Crash Investigation
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Drug Identification & Legal Update
Drug Interdiction Drug Trends Among Youth
First Aid/CPR Renewal
First Responder Refresher
Hazardous Materials Awareness
IPMBA Bike School  
K-9 Training Update
Math and Physics Workshop for Crash Reconstruction
Patrol Rifle End User Certification
Physical Evidence Refresher for Patrol
Post-Crash CMV Inspection
Preserving and Analyzing Data from Event Data Recorders (EDR)
Public Safety Diver Certification
Pursuit Intervention Techniques (PIT) End User
Radar Operations Certification
Report Writing - Back to Basics
Total Station Operations
Vehicle Dynamics


Gain hands-on experience in defensive tactics, officer safety, firearms, SWAT, ERT and other special operations related areas.

Current Tactical Offerings
We also specialize in the following Tactical instruction:

Active Shooter Response and Aftermath

Active Shooter Tactical Training 

AR-15 Armorer 

Basic SWAT Combatives for Patrol

Combatives for the Tactical Officer

Crowd Control 

Executive Protection

Glock Armorer 

HR 218 Retired Officer Certification 

Law Enforcement Sniper 

Law Enforcement State Firearms Qualification Course 

Less Lethal Instructor Certification 

Lost Art of Empty Hand Control 

Patrol Rifle End User Certification 

Tactical Commander’s Course 

Taser User Certification 

Two-Gun Long Gun Instructor 

Under Fire: Tactical Injury Management 

Warrant Service


Enhance skills in conducting basic and advanced criminal investigations.

Current Investigations Offerings
We also specialize in the following Investigation instruction:

Advanced Child Forensic Interviewing
Advanced Crash Investigation
Basic Child Forensic Interviewing
Basic Crash Investigation
Child Abuse Investigations
Cold Case Homicide: Investigation and Prosecution
Drug Identification and Legal Update
Drug Trends and Youth
Financial Investigations
Fire Investigation and Analysis
Fire Scene Investigations
Math and Physics Workshop for Crash Reconstruction
Plain Clothes/Off-duty Carry Applications and Tactics Instructor
Preserving and Analyzing Data from Event Data Recorders (EDR)
Post Crash CMV Inspections
Prostitution Investigations (Human Trafficking)
Public Safety Diver Certification
REID: Interview and Interrogation – Advanced
REID: Interview and Interrogation – Basic
Report Writing - Back to Basics
Search Warrants, Affidavits and the Development of Probable Cause
Technology Facilitated Crimes Against Children Investigations
Total Station Operations
Unexplained Child Death Investigations
Vehicle Dynamics
WZ: Tactical Field Interviewing

Forensics & Evidence

Learn more about forensic science and become skilled at evidence collection and procession, crime scene processing and management, and other evidentiary topics.

Current Forensics & Evidence Offerings
We specialize in the following Forensics & Evidence instruction:

Advanced Evidence Technician Certification
Alternate Light Source (ALS)
Basic Evidence Technician
Biological Evidence Collection
Blood Spatter Analysis
Clandestine Graves (Forensic Anthropology)
Crime Scene Diagramming with Computer Aided Drawing (CAD)
Crime Scene Mapping Documenting Injuries with UV Photography
Crime Scene Photography
Death Scene Investigation
Evidence Technician Certification
Fingerprint Classification and Analysis
Fingerprint Collection (powders/chemicals and more)
Fire Scenes Investigation
Impression Evidence Collection
Investigative Photography
Photography Basic
Physical Evidence Refresher for Patrol
Property and Evidence Room Management
Public Safety Diver Certification
Shooting Scene Reconstruction
Total Station Operations
Trace Evidence Collection
Underwater Crime Scenes

Computer & Technology

Discover how to analyze computer evidence, conduct cell phone investigations, perform crime/intelligence analysis and other technology related topics.

Current Computer & Technology Offerings
We also specialize in the following Computer & Technology instruction:

Computer Technology Series
Protecting Children Online for Prosecutors
Tactical Crime Analysis
Technology Dangers and Risks for Youth
Technology Facilitated Crimes Against Children Investigations

Management & Leadership

Develop professional leadership and management skills to address employment related needs and responsibilities of frontline officers, public safety members, and executive level law enforcement.

Current Management & Leadership Offerings
We specialize in the following Management & Leadership instruction:

Community Relation Series (Courses)
Creating a Community-Based Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Plan
Evidence Based Sex Offender Assessment, Treatment and Management
FTO - Instruction and Certification
FTO - Managing and Supervising
FTO Update
Intern Supervision
Law Enforcement and the Media
Leadership for Reducing Organizational Stress in LE
Property and Evidence Room Audits
Property and Evidence Room Management
Quota-Free Police Productivity System
Resource Allocation
Risk Management & Emotional Survival for LE & PS Professionals
Risk Management & Management Issues
Social Networking: Employer and Employee Rights
WI Open Records Act for Police Records

Personal Protection & Safety

Explore personal protection and safety techniques, self-protection concepts and concealed weapon situations.

Current Personal Protection & Safety Offerings

We also specialize in the following instruction:

Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW)
Carrying a Concealed Weapon (CCW) Live Fire 
Gals With Guns
Prevention of Workplace Violence
Self Defense for Realtors

K9 Training

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Training Offerings:


We also specialize in the following EMS instruction:

American Heart Association Training Course
EMS Refresher Training

Fire Protection Training Offerings:

Leadership & Command

We specialize in the following Leadership & Command instruction:

Building Construction
Community Risk Reduction
Fire Based – EMS – Paramedic, ALCS, PALS
Fire Inspection & Code Enforcement
Fire Instructor
Fire Investigation and Analysis
Fire Protection Hydraulics and Driving
Fire Protection Structures and Systems
Fire Officer 1 & 2
Firefighting Principles and Concepts
Incident Safety Officer
Political and Legal Aspects of Emergency Services
Professional Fire and Emergency Service Administration
Professional Personnel & Training Management for Fire/Emergency Services
Strategies and Tactics – Commander & Chief Officer

Safety & Science

We specialize in the following Safety & Science instruction:

Applications of Fire Science Research
Fire Based – EMS – First Responder
Fire Behavior and Combustion
Fire Dynamics
Fire Instructor
Fire Officer 1 & 2
Fire Protection Hydraulics and Water Supply
Fire Prevention with Analytical Approaches
Fire Prevention Organization and Management
Fire-Related Human Behavior
Grant Authoring
Hazardous Materials Chemistry
Managerial Issues in Hazardous Materials and Technical Teams
Occupational Health and Safety
Principles of Emergency Services
Public Information Officer
Safety and Survival (16 Life Safety Initiatives)
Smoke Reading
Strategies and Tactics – Company Officer
Volunteer Fire and Emergency Service Administration
Volunteer Personnel and Training Management for Fire and Emergency Services

Simulation & Scenario Training

We specialize in the following Simulation & Scenario instruction:

Rapid Intervention Training
Flashover Simulation
Acquired Structures / Live Burns and Scenarios

Contract Training

Examples of our Fire Protection Contract Training expertise:

Technical Rescue 
Hazardous Materials (OSHA 1910.120, EPA 165.15, NFPA 472)
Hazardous Materials for EMS
Emergency Management 
National Incident Management 

For more information about all our Fire Protection Contract Training, please contact Dana Schmidt at


Fox Valley Regional Hiring Process
* Fox Valley Technical College creates a list of qualified candidates and facilitates the application process for local fire departments.

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