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Management and Leadership training provides an education in leadership, management and employment-related matters for the frontline through executive level law enforcement and public safety member.

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Field Training Officer

Hours: 40.00 | Estimated Cost: $385.00

Designed for the newly selected FTO and FTO Supervisor, and for those FTOs who are in need of a refresher course for Patrol, Detentions and Communications. This five-day course covers all that is needed so the new FTO can assume their new responsibilities immediately after completion of the course.

The five-day course will include the following: Key Elements of Successful Field Training Officer Programs, Performance Evaluation, Practicing Evaluation and Documentation and Teaching and Learning.

All instruction is re-enforced with Practical Individual/Group Exercises, Videos, Handouts, In-depth Discussions, Role Plays, Power Point Presentations and Demonstration.

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