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Law Enforcement In-Service training


Law Enforcement In-Service provides certification training for officers in Wisconsin which meet the requirements for LESB Instructor recertification.

Featured Seminars

Legal Update In-Service

Hours: 4.00 | Estimated Cost: $50.00

Focuses on the latest case law and statutory updates, as well as provides the basic foundations for the legal concepts law enforcement officers encounter on a daily basis. Topics include search and seizure, terry stops, traffic stops, interrogation law, search warrants and subpoenas, electronic devices, investigative issues, and preservation of evidence.

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Older Driver Issues and Law Enforcement

Hours: 4.00 | Estimated Cost: $50.00

Prepares officers with the information and tools to properly and effectively deal with the older driving population and help keep roadways safe for all drivers. Covers the Department of Justice recommended curriculum for dealing with older drivers.

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Pursuit Biennial In-Service

Hours: 4.00 | Estimated Cost: $50.00

Reviews the definition of a pursuit and current terminology related to pursuits. Additionally, covers the guidelines for initiating, continuing and terminating pursuits, proper communication during a pursuit, and practice in applying those skills in a simulated pursuit. This course satisfies the WI DOJ requirement for the 2019 - 2021 Biennial Pursuit.

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Working with the Hispanic Culture

Hours: 8.00 | Estimated Cost: $65.00

Assists students in understanding the Hispanic Culture and communicating more effectively with Spanish speaking individuals. Discusses obtaining proper identification, reading various types of identification, obtaining identification information verbally and properly running this information in the TIME System.

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