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4-Year Credit Transfer

Transferring your FVTC credits to a four-year college has never been easier! Earn your associate degree at Fox Valley Tech then apply your credits toward a bachelor’s degree.

Starting at FVTC makes completing a bachelor’s degree affordable, accessible and convenient.

Where will my FVTC credits transfer? (PDF)     UW System Course Transfer Information      Universal Credit Transfer Agreement (PDF)

Questions FVTC Graduates May Want to Ask Four-year College Representatives Regarding Transfer of Credit

  • How many credits from my associate degree will your college accept in transfer?

  • What grades do I need to earn in my classes to get credit at your college?

  • What is the minimum GPA I need to maintain to get into your college?

  • Are there courses outside my program plan that I could take at FVTC to increase credit transfer at your college?

  • Do you offer evening, weekend and/or online classes?

  • What is your pre-credit tuition rate?

  • What type of financial assistance will be available to me?

For More Information:

Lori Brandenburg
College & Career Pathways