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Tools for Talent Development

Employees in today’s workforce must possess a diverse range of skills in order to rise to the top. During these complimentary sessions, you will learn hard and soft skills to help you grow and succeed in your career. Fox Valley Technical College has the tools to develop the talent of your workforce!

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Training tools to develop workforce talent
  • Developing hard and soft skills to help you grow professionally
  • Workforce development solutions
  • Leadership, management and interpersonal skills that drive company growth
Session Options

**Business/Corporate Self Defense**

*Presented By: Aaron Pynenberg, Deputy Director, Association for Renaissance Martial Arts*

Effective self-defense can ensure you and your employees feel more confident, secure and valued. Learn several common sense use-of-force skills to tap into should something go wrong in the workplace. This class is 80% discussion and 20% light movement and physical demonstrations. No special clothing or gear is needed.

*Learn About:*

  • General issues surrounding self-defense in the workplace and beyond
  • Important skills for being informed and aware in compromising places

**Identity Theft**

*Presented By: Neal Rabas, Investigator, Appleton Police Department*

Learn how to protect yourself, your small business, and your employees from identity theft and scams. In the unfortunate event you are a victim its important to know the steps to recover your identify and your rights as a victim.

*Learn About:*

  • Common ways your identity is stolen
  • Recent scams and common targets
  • Identifying a scam or an attempt to steal your identity and how to protect you and your business

**Managing Team Members' Complaints**

*Presented By: Dean Murzello, FVTC Management Development Instructor*

Ongoing complaints from team members can wear down any manager or team leader. Gain an understanding of why all team member complaints must be dealt with rather than ignored or dismissed.

*Learn About:*

  • Identifying techniques used to determine underlying problems
  • Why team members may misunderstand the actual problem or workplace difficulty

**Public Safety Training Center Tour**

*Presented By: Dana Tedlie, FVTC Public Safety Training Center Coordinator*

The Public Safety Training Center opened in January 2015 and provides vital hands-on tactical training for students and public safety professionals. Take a tour of the building and get a 360 degree view of the fully integrated training grounds.

*Learn About:*

  • How classroom training combines with hands-on practice in a real-world setting
  • The Scenario Village (River City) and how it supports multi-agency and multi-disciplinary joint training exercises

**Safety Training Mobile Lab Demonstration**

*Presented By: James Lange, FVTC Safety and Environmental Engineering Technology Instructor*

Despite the efforts, confined space incidents continue to kill workers throughout the United States. Employee training is not only required by OSHA, it is often cited as the best method to protect workers who must enter these confined spaces. Unfortunately, effective training was often difficult because of the interruption to production schedules required to enter these confined spaces.

In 2016, FVTC developed the Safety Training Mobile Lab to assist employers with this issue. The Safety Training Mobile Lab can be used for on-site training with no impact on the normal production schedule. This mobile lab allows for vertical and horizontal entries into a simulated confined space as well as being available as a platform for fall prevention training, hazardous materials training, and more.

*Learn About:*

  • The mobile lab and discuss the opportunities for employers
  • How the Mobile Safety Lab can be used for on-site training

**Security Assessment for Business and Industry**

*Presented By: Todd Wrage, Training Sergeant, Oshkosh Police Department*

With increasing threats to all facets of our society from active threat events and terrorist attacks, the importance of preparation and prevention has never been greater. Law enforcement has trained to effectively respond to these events. What may matter more is how our society prepares prior to being targeted.

*Learn About:*

  • Threats to businesses and industrial facilities
  • Physical security measures
  • Personal security practices in the workplace
  • The importance of preparation

**Understanding Industrial Emergencies**

*Presented By: James Lange, FVTC Safety and Environmental Engineering Technology Instructor*

Despite all the preventive measures we use to prevent them, emergencies can and do occur. These incidents can include injured employees, fires, chemical spills, and technical rescue emergencies. Often, the time to recover from the incident, for both the worker and the company, depends on the preparedness of the company before the emergency occurred.

*Learn About:*

  • Common industrial emergencies found throughout industry
  • Emergency training options available to you including: medical emergency response, chemical spill response, fire response, incident command, confined space emergencies, post fall emergencies and other emergency situations

**Workplace Investigative Interviewing HR Practices**

*Presented By: Joseph P. Buckley, Forensic Interviewer, John E. Reid and Associates*

One of the toughest challenges to overcome during investigation interviews is the fact that employees may withhold or modify their responses to protect themselves or possibly a complainant. Learn best practices to efficiently and effectively conduct non-accusatory investigative interviews and assess an employee or potential employees credibility.

*Learn About:*

  • Assessing the credibility of information provided to you during an interview
  • The use of behavior provoking questions during the investigative interview
  • Best practices to effectively interview job applicants
Event Agenda

***7:30 - 8:00 AM***

Networking & Registration

***8:00 - 8:50 AM***

Welcome and Keynote: Active Shooter in the Workplace

Presented By: Captain Rudy Nyman, Appleton Police Department Investigative Services Commander

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Training Session 1

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Training Session 3

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Benefits & Outcomes
  • These sample offerings are brief complimentary sessions which provide a sampling of strategies and offerings
  • Networking
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