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Pro-Seed™: Business Model Design

**Big idea #1: Empower your product/service/technology innovation with business model innovation. **

The 21st Century business environment is dynamic and volatile. It is no longer sufficient to compete with the best product/service/technology. Today’s savvy businesses and organizations know how to combine a great product/service/technology with business model design to become unstoppable in the marketplace.

**Big idea #2: Invent a new business model.**

Originality matters. Quit looking to others, including your competition, to define your company’s business model. Who cares about the competition? What you want to do is invent business models that solve problems/addresses pain for YOUR customers. That is the ultimate goal. Design a business model that works for your customers.

**Big idea #3: Take some risk and experiment.**

Can you prove up front that a business model is going to succeed? NO Chance. You can’t prove up front that a business model is going to work. The FVTC Venture Center’s Pro-Seed: Business Model Design workshop allows you to find ways to see if it will work. What’s the first thing people ask when you want to do something new? 'Prove that it works.' We need to get back to a culture of experimentation. Not just experimentation of products/services/technologies but experimentation of business is through experimentation that we learn and build powerful business models.

Are you operating a small business or entrepreneurial start-up? Need help? E-seed Express is an interactive, energizing, realistic 8-week entrepreneurial training series that assists business owners in developing management and planning tools for their business. During E-seed Express you’ll learn the better art of small business and entrepreneurial management, develop a business plan and build your network. Along the way you’ll network with business experts and thought leaders who provide insight into legal, management, accounting, financing and marketing issues. Both new and established small business owners benefit from the hands-on sessions that provide practical tools and information that can be applied immediately, to improve your business.

This is part of the [Small Business Design, Plan & Grow: A 2-Module Series](

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  • Eliminating blah-blah-blah and move your business forward
  • Describing, analyzing and designing a new business model
  • Prototyping, testing and experimenting with the new business model you invent
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