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Microsoft Outlook 2013: Level 1

Hours: 6.00 | Estimated Cost: $175.00

Use Microsoft® Outlook® to manage your email communications, calendar events, appointments and meetings; manage your contact information; create tasks and notes for yourself; and customize the Outlook interface to serve your own personal needs. Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Windows® is recommended.

Additional Information

Learn About
  • Navigating the Outlook interface
  • Composing and organizing messages
  • Managing your calendar
  • Managing contacts and their information
  • Scheduling appointments and meetings
  • Managing tasks and notes
  • Customizing your Outlook environment
Benefits & Outcomes
  • Save time viewing, creating and managing your emails, contacts, tasks and calendar
  • Learn shortcuts to increase productivity
  • Use search tools to easily find what you are looking for
  • Make scheduling a breeze
Training Outline

** Getting Started with Outlook 2013**

  • Navigate the Outlook Interface
  • Perform Basic Email Functions
  • Use Outlook Help

** Composing Messages **

  • Create an Email Message
  • Check Spelling and Grammar
  • Format Message Content
  • Attach Files and Items
  • Enhance an Email Message
  • Manage Automatic Message Content

** Reading and Responding to Messages **

  • Customize Reading Options
  • Work with Attachments
  • Manage Your Message Responses

** Managing Your Messages **

  • Manage Messages Using Tags, Flags, and Commands
  • Organize Messages Using Folders

** Managing Your Calendar**

  • View the Calendar
  • Manage Appointments
  • Manage Meetings
  • Print Your Calendar

** Managing Your Contacts**

  • Create and Update Contacts
  • View and Organize Contacts

** Working with Tasks and Notes **

  • Manage Tasks
  • Manage Notes

** Customizing the Outlook Environment**

  • Customize the Outlook Interface
  • Create and Manage Quick Steps
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