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Change Management

Learn to unlock new potential to approach organizational change with greater confidence and competence, resulting in improved productivity. A wide range of topics and approaches prepare employees at all levels to adapt to, lead, manage and implement change. Volatile organization and economic times are not the time to hibernate; they are an opportune time to gear up and adapt while preparing for tomorrow's opportunities.

Our change management training and consulting services feature a multitude of topics, approaches and customized series. View *module options* for a sampling of available services or contact a Business & Industry Services advisor to develop a tailored service plan.

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Module Options

**Adapt to Change** *for frontline employees*

  • The frequency of change
  • Self-assessment on personal adaptability
  • Limiting factors to accepting change
  • The ladder of inference
  • Fact-finding before decision-making
  • Coping with change
  • Moving toward acceptance

**Leading & Supporting Change** *for supervisors, managers and leaders*

  • Understand why change happens and how people react
  • Involve team members in a change initiative by promoting their understanding and ownership
  • Plan for individual and group follow-up that support the change process and reinforce personal and organizational goals

**Change Management Series** *for leaders responsible for creating and sustaining a change plan*

  • Creating the Plan: Identify who to involve and when; strategies for dealing with resistance
  • Sustaining the Change: Measure success; make adaptations; practice positive and negative feedback
  • Ending Strong: Create a final project report; sharing results; celebrating for different personalities

**Change Management Advisory Services** *for senior and c-level leaders evaluating and implementing strategic change*

  • Strategy deployment
  • Change management planning
  • Portfolio decision-making
  • Influence and acceptance strategies
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