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The internship provides the student with an opportunity to engage in a meaningful learning experience while assisting the employer with the completion of ongoing or one time projects. Upon completion the student will be able to identify and pursue a career that will match both their academic and personal requirements.


Students Seeking Internships

  • When can I complete my internship?
  • Placement
  • Internship Job Postings
  • The Internship Course
Employer Internships Information

Employers Seeking Interns

  • Company and Employer Benefits
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Students Seeking Internships

When can I complete my internship?
The student must meet all prerequisites required for their specific program before enrolling into the internship course. The internship component is completed during the last term of the program.

Where should you seek placement and how are internship sites obtained?
Similar to the process of finding a job, the student will need to research and
establish the site and internship experience of their choice.

Where can I find internship job postings?
You can view available internship postings through Student Employment Services or view postings directly on the Wisconsin TechConnect website.

What is covered in the Internship Course?
The course helps prepare students for seeking a job position by building and developing professionalism, documentation (cover letter, resume, references), and interviewing skills. The student will gain valuable experience on the job and be able to reflect on this opportunity. The student will also be responsible for preparing a training plan/goals, tracking their progress, completing progress documentation, training/supervisor evaluations, etc.

Employer Information

What are the benefits for your company?
Enthusiastic, motivated workers that can bring new/fresh ideas for your organization.  The intern will be able to assist with a variety of assignments or projects that will help reach workplace goals and provide additional assistance with the overall workload.

What are the internship requirements?
Most students work approximately 10-20 hours per week for a semester; however, this is flexible. The student and internship supervisor set goals, monitor progress, and a mid-term and a final evaluation is conducted.

What about the pay?
The internship opportunity can be a paid or unpaid experience depending on the employer’s mission and the position requirements.

How do you Post an Internship?
If you are interested in posting an internship position please contact Student Employment Services or post it directly onto our Wisconsin TechConnect job posting website.

For more information on internship opportunities please contact:

Kim Olson
Associate Dean, Business & Service Division

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