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How To Give

Donations to the Fox Valley Technical College Foundation, Inc. may be made in a variety of ways. A donation can be made at any time and may qualify as a charitable contribution for federal and state income tax purposes, as well as on estate tax returns. The Foundation recommends that you consult with an attorney or accountant for the legal and tax implications of any gift you make. 

Giving a gift is easy! Donate online, or if you wish to mail your donation, just print and fill out one of the gift forms below.

Thank you for your contribution! 

Ways to Give

Cash Gifts

Gifts of cash are the most popular way to contribute to the FVTC Foundation, Inc. A cash gift is tax-deductible to the full extent of the law for the year in which it is given. Cash gifts have an immediate impact on FVTC students and programs. Cash gifts can be made by check or credit card; donate online or just fill out the Gift Form and mail to the address listed on the form.


Pledges are gift commitments typically lasting over a three- to five-year period. By carefully planning a multiyear pledge, you can make a gift that is many times larger than any single-year commitment. The pledge installment payment schedule is structured based on your preferences. To make a pledge to the FVTC Foundation, Inc., please complete the Gift Form, and mail to the address listed on the form.

Gifts of Securities

Gifting securities to the FVTC Foundation, Inc. enables donors to make a substantial contribution while providing an opportunity to avoid capital gains. It is recommended that donors consult with a tax advisor if interested in making such a donation.

Planned Gifts

Planning a deferred gift to the Foundation is a practical way for you to reach your charitable goals while at the same time achieve significant tax savings. A deferred gift is one that is made currently, but received by the Foundation at a future date. Planned giving is often done in conjunction with estate planning and is a viable option for donors of all income levels.

Examples of popular planned giving tools include:

  • Bequests
  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Gifts of life insurance
  • Gifts of retirement plan assets

For more information on planned giving, please see below.

In-Kind Donations

Donated equipment and services provide vital support to teaching, learning and research in every training program at FVTC. Employers and FVTC have a mutual interest in familiarizing students with industry-standard technology. In-kind giving makes that possible and allows us to remain relevant as a technical college. In-kind donations also offer tax benefits to donors. For more information on how you can make a difference through an in-kind gift, please call 920-735-5603. FVTC reserves the right to approve all in-kind gifts before they are accepted.

In-Kind Gift Form (PDF)

Corporate Matching Gifts

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs that supplement their employees’ charitable donations. Your company may match, double or even triple your gift. For more information, please contact your human resources office or our Foundation office to see if your company has a matching gifts program.

Planned Giving

Planning a deferred gift to the Foundation is a practical way for you to reach your charitable goals while at the same time achieve significant tax savings. Types of planned giving include:


A bequest in a will is a popular planned giving option because it provides estate tax benefits. Donors may bequeath a fixed percentage of their estate, a specific amount in dollars, or the remainder of their estate after other provisions of the will have been satisfied. Types of bequests include:

  • Restrictive bequest – is restricted for a specific purpose.
  • Unrestrictive bequest – is flexible because it can be used for the College’s greatest need.
  • Endowed bequest – allows the fund principal to be preserved and the income to be used for specific purposes.
  • Contingent bequest – names FVTC as a contingent beneficiary in case the initial beneficiary predeceases the donor. Naming FVTC as a contingent beneficiary is a way to ensure that assets do not get caught up in probate.

Charitable Gift Annuities

Establishing a charitable gift annuity (CGA) is a wonderful way for a donor to secure steady payments for themselves while providing benefits for a charitable organization.

A CGA is an agreement in which you donate cash or appreciated securities to the Foundation in exchange for a stream of regular payouts. Your gift acts as an investment, generating income for you (and an additional annuitant, if desired) for the rest of your life. The charitable income tax deduction varies according to your age and is taken in the year the gift is made. The payments received may be partially tax-free.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Establishing a charitable remainder trust (CRT) is another wonderful way for a donor to secure payments for themselves while providing benefits for a charitable organization. In a CRT, the donor makes a gift in trust for the current benefit of an individual, sometimes themselves, with the remainder of the assets ultimately going to the charity. The trust pays the beneficiary an income, either for life or a period of time based on a fixed percentage of the fair market value of the trust assets valued each year. The charitable income tax deduction varies based on the number and ages of the income beneficiaries, the payout rate, and the frequency of payments.

Gifts of Life Insurance

Life insurance policies can be donated directly to a charitable organization or the charitable organization can simply be named as the beneficiary. For the gift of a paid-up policy, the policy’s value is a charitable contribution in the year of transfer. In both options, the donor removes the proceeds from their estate for federal tax purposes.

Gifts of Retirement Plan Assets

Retirement plans and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are subject to both income tax and estate taxes and may carry extremely high tax costs. Donors may mitigate some of the tax burdens by naming a charitable organization as the beneficiary of the plan or IRA.

Giving Options

Once you’ve decided to make a donation, there are a number of areas your gift can support. Choose the one that’s right for you:

Unrestricted Gifts

Unrestricted gifts allow FVTC to allocate contributions to the area of greatest need at the time the gift is given. Unrestricted gifts are truly valuable to the Foundation because they provide the flexibility needed to support unplanned projects, the increased need for scholarships, and important material/needs in the delivery of quality education. Unrestricted funds also provide resources to cover the cost of critical services not entirely funded through our traditional budgeting process.

Restricted Gifts

Restricted gifts are gifts that are designated for a specific purpose at the time the gift is given. Restricted gifts benefit specific initiatives or projects of your choice. Funds may be designated to purchase needed equipment or supplies, fund curriculum needs, fund program expansion, or to fund scholarships for students to realize their educational dreams.


Scholarships are one of our main initiatives. The FVTC Foundation, Inc. operates two scholarship cycles each year in December and May to award scholarships for all areas of programming. One application is completed by a student and their qualifications are measured against every award for eligibility. If you would like to join those already impacting the lives of our students, please contact Julie Coenen, Scholarship & Community Relations Manager at 920-735-2478.

Major Gifts

Major gifts are a specific way for individuals, organizations, corporations, or foundations to contribute to the college in a very meaningful way. Major gifts, generally over $10,000, make an immediate impact on the delivery of a special project or need at the college. Major gifts also fuel important community needs and initiatives involving Fox Valley Technical College.

Capital Projects

As the campus and needs of FVTC grow, the FVTC Foundation, Inc. plays an important role in partnering private-funding of campus projects. Naming rights may be available for specific projects. For information on capital project needs, please contact the Foundation Office.


Endowments are an excellent tool that allows a donor to make a gift in perpetuity. With a minimum investment of $10,000 (can be pledged over multiple years), a donor can establish a named endowment to benefit a specific category of students or a field of study that has been chosen by the donor. Disbursements from an endowed fund are made according to the Foundation's annual spending policy and begin the year after the $10,000 goal is reached.

Memorial & Honor Gifts

Memorial and honor gifts allow contributors to recognize someone in a special way. Memorial gifts are made in memory of family members, friends, or colleagues who have passed away. Honor gifts can be made during the holidays in honor of a colleague or in honor of a colleague's retirement. When such gifts are made, a special notification is sent to the family or the individual.

United Community

Fox Valley Technical College has started a free new program, United Community, to help us raise substantial funds for the FVTC everyONE helpsONE scholarship fund. 170 area businesses (PDF)

 including Festival Foods, Papa Murphy's, Applebee's, Pizza Hut, Panda Express, HuHot, Pizza Ranch, Gordman's and over a hundred others are offering cash back to our college whenever you make a purchase with your existing credit card or debit card. And the program is free ... you just need to register, which takes one minute

Register Now
Free & easy registration steps: 
1. Visit and click "Join Now". 
2. Choose to support "Fox Valley Technical College Foundation" when registering.
3. Our college will receive 0.5-10% cash back on the purchases you make.    

*Note: Visa and MasterCard administer the program.

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